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  • Course Descriptions
    Jan 04, 2020


    It is the expectation of every registered apprentice to follow all Policies and Standards.  It is expected that you will be on time, prepared with completed assignments by the date they are due and willing to fully participate in all activities related to your training.  Assignments are subject to change, it is essential you have a valid email address and check it regularly. Our main goal is that you are a success in this program and become a well trained union Journey Level Craftsperson.  The method of study for your related training is student-centered, requiring you to have access to all assignments, understand the due dates associated with every lesson of homework and ask for help when  needed.  If you have problems with your topics or the technology used, it is your responsibility to notify the instructors immediately and together we will come up with a viable solution. The work you do in this apprenticeship must be your own.  Hold yourself to a high standard of academic integrity.  Sharing homework and/or test information is not allowed and is subject to disciplinary action; review your standards.  It is imperative you understand that it is your responsibility to learn the material assigned to you.  Your attitude, skills and knowledge of the related training and on-the-job training will affect your success in the apprenticeship.  It is a requirement that you obtain the abilities and knowledge detailed in the course objectives to be able to successfully move on to the next year of apprenticeship.  Extra time spent practicing and studying may be necessary in order to perform at the required level.


    The homework is a primary part of learning the material.  We will use multiple ways of conveying the topics but the first method will be for you to read all reference material for a lesson and then complete the lesson quizzes.  All homework is assigned according to your syllabus and is to be completed prior to each class of related training.  Any possible revisions will be communicated either in class or by email. 

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