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  • Safety and Health
    Updated On: Jan 04, 2021

    OSHA has just issued COVID-19 guidance for the construction industry.

    This closely mirrors the requirements in the NABTU/CPWR standards adopted by the Governing Board last month.

    It falls just a tiny bit short on explicitly requiring respirators when workers are within six feet of other workers or civilians, but it very clearly infers that employers need to assess hazards and comply with 1910.134.

    Here is the guidance:

    Stay Safe and Take Care!!

    When a contractor shuts-down a specific project due to COVID-19 Virus, what are the options for apprentices?

    Option) Receive layoff and report to JATC for other training assignments as available.

    Option) Wait, voluntary for that contractors for work to pick up.

    *** As stated above, an apprentice cannot be forced to wait and will receive a clean layoff. Furthermore, separate documentation (IBEW/NECA COVID-19 agreement) indicates in these situations the apprentice can receive sub-fund and will not be denied unemployment.

    When an apprentice is sick from COVID-19 Virus and/or is quarantined because of travel the apprentice should wait until cleared, what is the option for the apprentice?

    Option) Any apprentice in quarantine is to stay in that position until cleared. If no work is available when they are cleared because of the COVID-19 virus situation then they should be treated and given the same options as indicated in the statement above “When a contractor shuts-down a specific project due to COVID-19 Virus”.

    Click HERE to for answers to FAQ's about COVID-19 and your Jobsite in Michigan and Ohio.

    The following is the information that the Bureau of Construction Codes has been provided from the Governor's Office regarding construction.

    Q: Is construction allowed under the executive order?

    A: Some limited forms of construction are permissible, including construction to maintain and improve essential public works like roads, bridges, the telecommunications infrastructure, and public health infrastructure. Construction workers may also undertake such projects as necessary to maintain and improve the safety, sanitation, and essential operations of residences. In addition, businesses may designate construction firms to provide necessary support to the work of the businesses' critical infrastructure workers. All construction work that is carried out while the order is in effect must be done in accordance with the mitigation measures required under section 5(c) of the order.

    Please review the attached Executive Order 2020-21 for further information.

    OSHA has issued Temporary Guidance on Respirators click HERE for more information.