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  • Interim Credentials Program (High School)
    Updated On: Nov 03, 2020

    High School Electrical Construction Instructors:

    In the PDF file link provided below is the instructors guide and syllabi for The Interim Credentials Program, which has been designed for advanced placement into any of the 270 IBEW/NECA Electrical Training Centers across the United States. Once the student completes the mastery of the Interim Credentials program and graduates high school, he or she can present their completion certificate to a training center for consideration. Final entry into an IBEW/NECA apprenticeship program is dependent on the results of the training center’s selection process.  The syllabus details all the modules (topics) of each of the five courses.

    The Toledo Electrical JATC is offering this as a possible alternative course to the NCCCR course work. We currently don’t have the advancement option that is talked about in the Instructor guide as part of our standards at the training center, but hope to see that successful completion of the course displayed during the interview and note the effort to complete it during the interview process. This would be credited during the interview and be recognized as interest in the electrical field. This virtual approach might be just what is needed for your students. See more information below.

    General Information:

    • The Interim Credentials (IC) is a curriculum of five courses (Orientation, Job Information, Code & Safety, DC Theory, and Blueprints)
    • It is roughly 150 hours of computer time
    • Cost is $285 per student…no other costs (i.e. test costs, textbooks, administration fees, etc.)
    • No text books requires…all content is part of the online experience.  The Code and Safety course will require the student to make a free registration with the site so they can assess an online version of the 2017 NEC (National Electrical Code)
    • Both DC Theory and Blueprints have ePubs included…but they are only for additional resources
    • IC Certificate requires a minimum of 70% per course and overall 75% of all courses
    • There are 70 assessments throughout.  Each module of each course has a 25% assessment at the end of the learning content which requires a 70% attempt to unlock the LMS 75% proctored assessment.  A 70% attempt on the LMS proctored assessment is required to unlock the next module of the course.  Note:  Orientation and Modules 1&2 of Job Information do not have LMS assessments—only content assessments
    • The five courses are locked and in sequence.  The student has to progress through the content bite-size learning blocks and achieve the assessments requires (listed above) to continue through the modules and to the next course

    To activate a high school

    • Email me back and let me know if you are interested.
    • I will put you in contact with the person that takes care of this.
    • You will be sent a PDF form that an administrator will fill out and return—this asks for information such as official school name, address, administration contacts, etc.   
    • The etA will need a list of students and teacher(s) along with a working email for each.  The etA will activate the system for the school and register/roster the students/instructor(s) into a session 
    • A session is open for 24 months—this allows the course to be utilized through junior and senior year if so desired
    • In 2020 a new Administration Interface will be available that will allow the high school to register/roster users and create session.
    • Currently billing will be sent after three weeks of students starting the coursework.  When the new Administration Interface becomes available, the administrator will have the ability to start a session so that the instructor can prepare prior to start of school…there will be a date field that the administrator can make the IC available to the students…at that time the system will allow add/changes to the roster for 3 weeks before billing occurs

    See a sample of the courses at:

    If you have further questions, or are interested in this program, please contact by email


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